Islamiyat, Tajweed & Arabic

We Facilitate...


Imaan and Akhlaq

To implant Imaan, Prophetic teachings and lifestyle within a child so that he or she can implement them in their lives and create a better tomorrow.


To ensure that a child learns to recite The Divine Speech of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala in the most correct manner possible, by which he or she can build up a loving relationship with their Rabb, Allah.


To develop competence in the language of the Qur’an and Hadith in order to understand and implement their teachings in life and live it in the light of Islam.

How We Do It?


Interactive Classes

Students and teachers equally share their creative thoughts and findings on the lesson.

Audio-Visual Inputs

Classes are highly interactive so that students are completely involved in learning.

Highly Skilled Faculty

The best teachers have been assigned after intensive training to provide the best education.

Fruitful Q/A Sessions

Full attention is paid to students' queries and answered with correct references.

Efficient Teamwork

Students are given a safe and friendly environment to interact with each other and share ideas which in turn complements the learning process.

Regular Feedback

Homework and Classwork are regularly assigned and monitored to see students' progress. Monthly Tests are conducted to ensure their understanding.

Public Speaking

Projects are assigned and presented to practice public speaking skills and to bring out the creative sides of students.

Organizing Events

Students are given a platform to perform and showcase their talents so that they attain skills for their future.

We Organize...

Qirath Competition

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Allah Subhanahu wa ta'alaa revealed to Us: