State of the Art Science Labs

The beauty of Science is it makes us wonder and lets us explore our curiosity. What will happen if I mix this green liquid with this blue liquid? Can I actually balance an irregular shaped object? So, what does bacteria actually look like?

Our state of the art labs are where theoretical knowledge is practically applied. Students are guided by exceptional teachers and mentors who assist them in their lab works. Not only is the lab spacious and well-equipped, but it is also designed keeping Cambridge Assessment for International Examination requirements in mind.

To ensure that our students are prepared, competent and confident – each student is given their own set-up in an exam-focused environment. It is not just exams – but a love for science and expanding their curiosity that we love to witness. Which is why we start taking our children to the laboratories from Grade 3 onwards to facilitate experiment-based learning.

  • Regular Lab Classes
  • Qualified Faculty
  • Spacious and Safe Environment

Our Science Labs


Theoretical Knowledge; Practically Applied.

Cambridge Assessment 

CCTV Monitored

High quality materials and equipment

Meets Safety Standards