AHIS Middle School comprises students of Grade 3 to Grade 7. It is at this stage where their foundation of knowledge becomes stronger and their curiosity reaches new heights.
The academics of Grades 3 to 7 comprises English Language and Literature, Bengali Language and Literature, Mathematics, Arabic, Islaamiyat, IT, Arts & Crafts, Geography and History.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Bangladesh Studies are introduced from Grade 6 onwards.


Students get a chance to showcase their creativity and present their ideas through exciting projects and assignments. Science Lab classes are also held as education should never be limited to a textbook, notebook and rote learning.


Middle school (starting from Grade 3) is where Exams are introduced.
The ability to study with an end goal in mind, disciplining oneself and learning to effectively manage their time – happens as the students grow and develop healthy competition with their peers.








To ensure holistic learning and upbringing, students have the opportunity to actively take part in sports competitions along with Extra Curricular Activities.
Furthermore, all our campuses have beautiful, well-stocked libraries where students can read to their hearts’ content!

Student Council

We have a Student Council Body where students are chosen to be leaders of the school so that they can gain leadership skills and at the same time work with their fellow students in developing:

  • Team spirit
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Sincerity

Individual Lesson Plan

Every child is special. We are on a mission to provide the best education plan according to the needs of the child. Individual lesson plans take into account the ability, strengths and weaknesses of the child – to develop a curriculum and plan that will be the best path for the child to follow.
Instead of joining and following a competition with rat-race mentality, Individual Lesson Plan helps to extract the best out of every child.