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At Al-Hidaayah, Science subjects are taught in a manner where practical education is a key part of our overall strategy to complement the theoretical knowledge that students gain. Science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught with high focus on CAIE exam and as a result, a large portion of our students don’t need to opt for external tuition or coaching. 

For A Level, our state of the art spacious labs and exceptional teachers ensure that we not only provide amazing practical classes but also emulate exam conditions to help students prepare for their practical exams. 

Science subjects we offer in O Level are:




Science subjects we offer in A Level are: 




Our commerce department has experienced and dedicated teachers who prepare our candidates with the best resources. Now that we have introduced virtual campus, we also provide recorded video lectures in addition to live online classes. 

Commerce subjects we offer in O Level are: 

Business studies 



Commerce subjects we offer in A Level are: 

Business studies 



The Department of English in AHIS consists of specialist teachers. The Department works collaboratively across all Key Stages and opportunities for career development and progression are made available whenever possible. The Department is well-resourced with a range of texts and teaching materials for use across all Key Stages. 

The Department is committed to developing effective learners who are capable of thinking creatively and independently as well as being able to reflect in their own practice. The Department of English places a significant emphasis in assessment for learning across the Cambridge curriculum, setting personal targets for both High-able and Less-able learners, enabling them to make progress and aspire for the best outcomes possible. 


We also offer Bangla at O Level.

Can you solve any problem? Do you like functions or integrals? Don’t you have a phobia of numbers or letters?

If you prefer logical thinking to memorising tons of information, then you are in the right track with the Department of Mathematics at Al-Hidaayah International School. 

With the Department of Mathematics, you will go through all the basic disciplines of mathematics, learn to perceive them comprehensively and use them with the ease of Pythagoras.

The Department of Mathematics challenges the way we think about and use numbers. From pure and applied mathematics to mechanical mathematics, our Department has many study and research pathways. Our collaborative and nurturing approach to teaching helps our students learn in an open environment, allowing them to challenge themselves and others. 

At O Level
we offer
Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

At A Level
we offer

Other subjects we offer in O level are

Bangladesh Studies


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