Why Al-Hidaayah International School ?

A Wonderful Blend of Cambridge Education With Islamic Values


Play Group to A Level along with Hifz Program

Separate Boys, Girls and Junior Campuses

Cambridge Standard Lab Facilities


Rote Learning

Learning is Fun! We know that and we want our kids to experience that. 

Our children absolutely love our ABCs – Activity Based Classes! 

From learning to carrying out experiments to bringing their ideas to life – education is a great deal of fun at AHIS.

There is also an emphasis on building relationships; be it with friends or classmates with whom they can share food and gift each other as giving presents is a Sunnah which helps to develop love and empathy. 

The Teaching Paradigm


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, goes the proverb. Holistic education is not just about books and academics. Our students take part in a variety of Extra Curricular Activities, ranging from Spelling Bee to Quizzes, Drama to Graphic Design, Poster making and a plethora of field activities too.

We strive to give our children an environment where they can grow up to be excellent leaders regardless of which field they choose to follow; however success in this world without learning to treat people with respect, love and affection is not really success.

Our Tarbiyah program is about teaching children to respect their elders, love their younger ones and treat each other with the best of manners. This is an ongoing program and will be developed keeping in mind that each child is different and have different needs and react in different manners. Our aim is to counsel them and show them a path that they would love to follow.

We also encourage parents and guardians to ensure that children have a lovely, positive environment at home, where they see their family members being kind and affectionate towards one another.

We have a Student Council Body where students are chosen to be leaders of the school so that they can gain leadership skills and at the same time work with their fellow students in developing team spirit, integrity, discipline, sacrifice and face their challenges confidently and sincerely.

Every child is special. We are on a mission to provide the best education plan according to the needs of the child. Individual lesson plans take into account the ability, strengths and weaknesses of the child – to develop a curriculum and plan that will be the best path for the child to follow.

Instead of joining and following a competition and rat-race mentality, Individual Lesson Plan helps to extract the best out of every child.

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist.” How true, indeed. Art plays an integral role in developing the creativity of a child and giving them a medium where they can express themselves visually. Apart from regular Arts & Crafts classes, we also conduct yearly competitions and our students also actively take part in Art Competitions held in Bangla Olympiad.

The Sports Day is one of the most awaited events of the year for students. We provide regular Physical Education and Games classes to ensure that they have a healthy body along with a healthy mind. Table tennis, basketball, cricket and football are eagerly played by the students and it is a great way to develop team spirit, bonding, and leadership skills on the field. 

Our Hifz program that runs parallelly with our general education has been highly appreciated by our parents and guardians. Students have daily classes, except on Friday, for two hours and their love and dedication towards the Qur’an is wonderful to witness. Family members are also encouraged by seeing the progress they make. We will keep striving to offer opportunities to our students in strengthening their bond with the Qur’an.


Attending the needs of every child


Holistic approach towards education


International standard facilities


6 : 1 - Student : Teacher Ratio

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